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About Us

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About Us

As Jason Fields, the journey leading to the formation of Keystone Leadership Solutions, LLC is deeply rooted in my personal and professional experiences, reflecting a lifelong commitment to leadership and empowerment. Growing up in Milwaukee, I faced and overcame significant financial and professional challenges, experiences that not only shaped my resilience but also sparked a deep desire to create meaningful change.


During my 12-year tenure as a Wisconsin state legislator, I gained invaluable insights into the systemic barriers that often impede progress, particularly in underserved communities. This period was crucial in shaping my perspective on effective leadership and community engagement. However, I realized that legislative efforts alone weren't enough to address the broader need for leadership development in these communities.

This realization led me to establish The Financial Promise, a non-profit aimed at teaching personal finance and business literacy in underserved areas. Through this initiative, I witnessed the transformative power of knowledge and empowerment, but I also saw a gap in leadership skills among those at the helm of similar organizations and initiatives.


Keystone Leadership Solutions, LLC was born from this gap. It's a culmination of my experiences, designed to empower leaders in the non-profit, government, and professional sectors. Our mission is to equip these leaders with the skills and insights needed to effectively navigate their unique challenges and to drive sustainable change in their organizations and communities.


The formation of Keystone Leadership Solutions is not just about providing leadership training; it's a commitment to fostering a new generation of leaders who are well-equipped to uplift and transform their communities. It's about creating a ripple effect of empowerment, where strong leadership leads to stronger communities and a more equitable society. This is the essence of why Keystone Leadership Solutions, LLC is so important – it's about building capacity at the top to ensure lasting impact at all levels.

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